Fosterly: Community Platform

Getting entrepreneurs what they need.

The Problem

Entrepreneurs in the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia had trouble finding and connecting with the resources they need to start and grow thier businesses. Thier existed a lack of centralized data on entrepreneurial events, available talent, and the latest news surrounding the entrepreneurial (focused on the #DCTech) community.

The Users

The budding tech entrepreneur trying to start their company in the DC metro area. I have proudly watched the #DCTech community grow over the past three years, with the help of amazing leaders and people.

The Process

This project was broken into three sections the events, the community and the news. I took on the task of organizing the content for each section and provided initial wireframes for discussion.

This project was supported by the community and people donated their time to work on making this project a success. It is a true testament to the passion of the community we have here in the DC area.

Fosterly holds an annual Day of Fosterly and has attracted the attention of high-profile supporters of the spirit of entrepreneurialism like Aneesh Chopra and Walt Mossberg.

Within the first few months, Fosterly had over 1,000 regstered entrepreneurs with over 600 organizations, all pitching in to support the DC/MD/VA entrepreneurial community!

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