How many a man has dated a new era in his life from reading a book?

- Henry David Thoreau

These are the books, articles, and resources that made the cut (aka didn't put me to sleep, have imparted upon me great applied knowledge) and need to be shared.

  • Don't Make Me Think

    Steve Krug

    A must read for anyone starting out in the User Experience field. Steve Krug does a great job synthesizing a semester long Stanford course on HCI into a quick read of 201 pages.
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    User experience, User research, User testing
  • Design is a Job

    Mike Monteiro

    Calling all designers -- if you are considering freelancing, or already are you NEED TO READ THIS BOOK.
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    Design, Business
  • Mobile First

    Luke Wroblewski

    You will find all the secrets to content strategy and mobile first thinking in this book.
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    Content strategy, Design, Front-end development
  • HTML and CSS

    Joe Duckett

    The best designed HTML and CSS book I have ever laid eyes on. It is so well thought out and thorough in its content, this will become your reference for years to come.
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    Front-end development
  • Design Tip: Never Use Black

    Ian Storm Taylor

    You should not design with #000000.
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  • Step-by-step Copywriting Guide

    Nathan Barry

    Great advice for coming up with the best copy and content for your site.
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