Focusing on the user, one problem at a time

Brittany is a lead interaction designer at Elementum SCM, building their flagship application: Transport. Brittany works closely with the product manager, stakeholders, and engineering teams to design useful, usable interfaces for logistics managers in Fortune 500 companies across mobile, web, and large-screen displays.

Brittany fights for the user. She strives to inspire empathy and the creation of meaningful applications and interactions. Known for her fearless exploration and uninhibited design methods, Brittany has been able to create innovative solutions that solve the not-so-obvious problems.

  • It's always refreshing and amazing to work with someone who puts a lot of effort and detail into crafting complete experiences for any user!

  • Brittany stands distinctly apart from the crowd for her client relationships, focus on root cause analysis, thoughtful listening and strong delivery.

  • The energy and knowledge that Brittany brings to the #DCtech and design community is invaluable.

  • Brittany is the kind of UX designer that convinces you that people should always be at the center of one's work in order to be successful. She does this not through words but actions; by putting you – whether you are a client, stakeholder, or colleague – at the center of any interaction you have with her.

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